What you do is about people, not transactions.

You created your product because you saw an issue with how food or beverages where being made. Maybe even because you or someone you love developed an allergy or health issue. But you can’t seem to connect with the wider audience who needs your product.

Did you know that a minimum of 50% of Americans HAVE to read an ingredient label before making a purchase? The problem is our labeling system doesn’t keep Americans safe. As more and more people are connecting their illness to food, it’s becoming harder to separate the good companies from the green washers.

People Behind the Transactions

Hidden Consumers with allergies or health issues have come to distrust all marketing they see. Why? Because marketing isn’t geared towards them. As the consumer, they have to do their due diligence to keep themselves safe.

Take for an example one of my network connections. This person was recently diagnosed with type II diabetes. They were told to avoid products with sugar. After their appointment they went grocery shopping to find safe foods.

They bought products that said “Sugar-free” thinking they would be safe. They were not. At their first check-up appointment their levels were HIGHER than before. The doctor told them eating a spoonful of sugar day would have been better than eating “sugar-free” labeled food.

Why is that? Marketers either label a food “sugar-free” because the word “sugar” is not in the ingredients list, or the company is actively greenwashing their products. Either way, the consumer has to be more aware of what the real ingredients are and not depend on the company to know the truth behind their products.

In some cases, like my friend’s story from above, companies are just not aware of how their ingredients are made. In today’s world of bioengineered food and ingredients, everyone needs to be more educated in how our food is made.

I have spent the last decade doing that research to keep myself safe. My experiences and knowledge are helping to change the course of marketing to make grocery shopping safe for everyone. Are you ready to make a positive impact on the world around you?

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