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Hidden Consumers Consulting is the A.C.E (Advocacy, Consulting, Education) you need in your marketing department. Our services are divided into our A.C.E. categories for you to choose how to work with us.


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Watchdog Groups

At Hidden Consumers Consulting we work with groups who are fighting transparency in food labeling, environmental concern, and other areas that impact the Hidden Consumers ability to shop safely. We provide peer-reviewed research-based testimony, as well as personal experiences and struggles with food and personal needs.


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Marketing to Hidden Consumers

Our marketing focuses on the multiple channels you use and should be using to communicate with consumers. We focus on your website to communicate transparency in your ingredients. Social Media channels will be evaluated for consistent messaging as well as promoting your new commitment to transparency. We also work with customer service teams, ingredient purchasing teams, and sales and marketing teams.


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Speaking Engagements

Our founder, Amy Graves, speaks at various trade shows, expos, conventions, and conferences. You can book Amy as an education speaker to discuss why the Hidden Consumer will provide a new revenue stream, becomes a brand loyal customer, and how to reach this group.

Title: Hidden in Plain Sight: Connecting with Elusive and Untapped Hidden Markets

For Consumers

Amy also presents to consumer groups to discuss what is in our food and how to read between the ingredient label lines. We cover: 1. the difference between intolerance and allergic reactions.2. Where the hidden sugar is 3. Where the hidden salt is

Title: Hidden in Plain Sight: Reading Ingredient Labels for Improved Health

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Since the beginning with her company AMG Innovative Consultants, inc, Amy has helped businesses determine what software best fits their needs. She uses her training as a Business Analyst plus tools like the Ranked Decision Matrix to narrow down and find a solution that works for your team.

Website Assessments and Websites as a Marketing Tools

When COVID hit, Amy quickly turned her company from a BA to small business to how do we keep small businesses open. Her work focuses on data and analysis and use of Google Analytics 4 led to a set process that starts with audit to determine the true functionality of your website. The keys we look at: useability, technical, and how the site is actually being used. From these areas we develop recommendations on how to best make your website a passive salesperson that brings in qualified leads.

Case Study: E-Commerce

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