“Our mission is to make grocery shopping safe for everyone.”

Amy Graves – Hidden Consumers Consulting Founder

About Our Marketing Firm

Advocacy, Consulting, and Education

The work we have chosen to take on requires our clients to see a different way of doing business.

Advocacy: We network with various groups and help to advocate for safer food and farming practices.

Consulting: As marketing consultants, we can help our clients be more transparent with packaging and materials. This helps more consumers shop safely and able to make their own decisions. Our difference is we also do the work with your teams. We go beyond consulting.

Education: The overall theme of everything we do, is education. While we make grocery shopping easier for everyone; we are educating the rest of the world on the issues so many people have with the basics of finding food that is safe for them.

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About Amy image is a female with blond hair wearing galaxy themed classes in purple, pink, and white. She is wearing a light pink blazer with a navy blue top.

Amy Graves


Amy’s mission is to help those in the food and beverage industry, who want to do better, be more transparent. Her journey started over a decade ago with multiple health issues.

As a super sensitive to food, how ingredients are made, and packaging, she has learned the depth of how her allergen is used. She also learned the extent of unrecognized allergies and the frustration she and millions of others experience trying to eat.

Today she uses her knowledge combined with peer-reviewed research to show the connection between food and health and her client’s bottom line.


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This will list the external experts we work with to ensure our clients have the best support.

We work with Package Design, social media, and Legal experts to ensure the success of your brand.

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