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Hidden Consumers: A Day in the Life

Hidden consumers struggle with food while traveling, if they even can travel. Let’s chat about the struggles and why transparency is ingredients is key.

Traveling with Allergies

Most people love to travel. I used to love to travel. But finding safe food while on the road is next to impossible for me. I either spend my vacation sick because I was so hungry I took a risk. Or I am sick because I did not eat enough. This adds a whole new layer of headaches, literal and physical, to traveling away from home.

The other aspect of traveling is the planning to find safe food wherever I am. When we travel to Minnesota there are a handful of restaurants that are moderately safe around Minneapolis and St. Paul and their suburbs. However when we travel to see family in the Duluth/Superior area or Fargo (ND)/ Moorhead area there is no safe food. Which limits our stay to hours instead of days.

Let’s talk about the complications of traveling for road trips, flying, and cruising to your next destination.

Road Trips

Road trips are the best way to travel for me. I can pack my own food and I don’t have to worry if I cannot find anywhere safe to eat. The downside is you need space in your vehicle just to put your food and cooking items.

We like to stay where we have access to a kitchen. This allows me to pack a cooler with whatever foodstuffs I need. I can also pack my own cookware, dinnerware, and other things like dish soap,. End result is I can safely eat while being on the road.


We travel once a year to visit family friends and Minnesota. It is 5 to 7 days of pure discomfort for me. The lack of safe food means I am always on edge. I have to constantly remind my husband that I cannot survive on safe cheese and safe crackers for every meal.

But what if we want to travel to Europe? I literally fear the thought. I want to travel around the the world but getting their means potentially needing a full day to recover from a lack of food. Airplane food is not only not appetizing, it’s not safe either. Food in airports can be just as bad.

The other issue is security. Those of us with food allergies or allergies to plastic are constantly treated like crap by the TSA. I do go into detail in my book “The Corn Dilemma…” but reality is food is not allowed on the plane. I have followed the TSAs directions and still have to deal with people who just don’t get the impact of what they ask us to do. I have been told I cannot have safe water. Which means at least 8 hours with nothing to drink. I have been told I cannot take my prepackaged safe food, which means 8+ hours of no food.

All of this takes the joy out of flying and exploring new destinations.


I have never taken a cruise. Based on what I know and from my research, my food sensitivities make cruising an impossible adventure. Issues with cruising are not being able to bring my safe food onboard. there is no way the kitchen can provide a safe meal for me. When you cruise internationally there is the added issue of not being able to take foods through the different ports. I will be taking to to a cruise specialist at the end of August. Keep an eye on my LinkedIn for details. The restream will be on my YouTube Channel.

Why Transparency Matters

What would make the frustration of traveling easier? Transparency with our food packaging so we the educated consumer can easily buy your product.

What the food industry has been doing is marketing to people not educated in why they should care. What we bring to the table is how to market to the hidden consumer base that is already educated on the value of your product. We just can’t find you.

To learn more about what we do visit our Services page for details.

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