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Preservatives are in EVERYTHING.

Disclaimer: Amy is not a doctor. Refer to your medical professional for any medical advice.

You can’t avoid them without knowing how to find them. Preservatives are the bane of my existence. This was the final straw that led me to move to California.

The key for consumers is the FDA does not regulate ingredients made from allergens they do not recognize. These consumers, like me, have to have a better understanding of how ingredients are made to keep ourselves and our families safe. The unfortunate part, most companies who target the allergy community do not understand this basic principle.

Here’s a list of places you can find preservatives and have an allergic reaction.


Being allergic to basic hygiene products blew my mind. What I though was acne down my back was actually a reaction to the corn derivatives. These ingredients are used to create a longer shelf life for products. It’s not uncommon for people to have reactions to standard hair products. Balsam of Peru is not an uncommon allergy due to the amount of allergens used to create it.


Razors with the moisturizing strip or built in shave gel will have preservatives. They will also be glued to the razor with adhesive made from corn and corn derivatives. Body wash, men and women’s products, again its all about extending the shelf of the product.


This is the one that sent me to find a different state to live in. Here’s the scoop. All products sold “fresh” need to be sprayed with preservatives to be sold in a grocery store doesn’t matter if its a local chain or a co-op. Traders Joes, Whole Foods, Ralphs, Cub Foods, etc… all the same. My allergy to it is sensitive enough to know you cannot wash the preservatives off. I would still react, and yes I had safe dish soap and other soaps to try. I’m not saying don’t buy fresh, but be aware what is going on your food before you bring it home. Why did this make me move? Simply I lived in the Midwest where you could not get fresh food year round from farmers. The winter before we moved my husband and I lived on steak, potatoes, and rice for 6 months. I was so ready for a change in diet!


The amount of products I found I was allergic to led me to gutting everything. Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry Room, products gone. A lot was donated but for me to get healthy it took a go without attitude until I could find safe products. Of the all products I eliminated in my life, shampoo and conditioner was the hardest to find. I think it was at least a 3 year process. My hair was gross. There was nothing I could do about it. No apple cider vinegar did not work. Almost all vinegars start life as corn vinegar or are packaged with corn. That’s the next blog discussion.

What Companies and Consumers Can Do

Companies need to understand there are more allergies than the top 9. Those other allergies do account for a larger part of the population than most realize. You can accommodate everyone; but you can give information for the consumer to decide it a product is safe for them.

Consumers be aware your allergen can be in any product not just food. Basic steps to keep products stable you may have a reaction too.

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