Hidden Consumers are EVERYWHERE.

Hidden Consumers are your family members, next door neighbors, or the stranger on the street.

They are people in plain sight. The difficulty is how do you connect to a community you have never had to think about?

As we have been in business, we found other Hidden Consumers and realized we have multiple ways to help your organization.


Food and Beverage, Products, and Packaging

Co-Manufacturers up to the business selling to the consumer, there are many ways to emphasis the benefits of the product you are creating to-do better in the world.

But price is always the push back from your leads and clients.

We have four decades of sales experience to help our clients see why price point is not the major factor.

Our system works with what you are currently doing to help you increase your sales.

Do you want to upgrade your packaging but don’t have the sales to justify it?

We can show you how to make more money to justify the next upgrade you want for your business.


Services are based on the 3 phases of the signature system. Phase 1 is Attract, Engage, and Converrt Website traffic. Phase 2 is Hidden Markets. Phase 3 is all about your internal software and automations to help you maintain the new direction.

Our process is based on Amy’s Signature System. It is a 3 phase system to get you results fast with automation to help you maintain what we create for you.

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Attract, Engage, and Convert

We focus on your website and your branding voice across platforms.

Your website should attract qualified buyers while engaging them to want to know more.

Your website is your passive salesperson.

How you appear and what you say everywhere should all be similar.

Check out our two case studies to learn more about our works impact: Food Industry and Ecommerce

Hidden Markets

Once we have your website working properly and being a passive salesperson, we get to work on attracting Hidden Consumers.

The work we do for the webiste will reveal who your Hidden Consumer is and why they need your product.

We take this information to market directly to those communities.

Check out our two case studies to learn more about our works impact: Food Industry and Ecommerce

Internal Client

The work we do for you needs to be maintained if you are to see consistent growth.

We make that happen by creating automations, trainings, and communication support.

Check out our two case studies to learn more about our works impact: Food Industry and Ecommerce

Natural and Organics

Our primary focus is working within multiple facets of the food and beverage industry. We work within your systems to implement new marketing strategies.

ADA Consulting

As we have been in business, we have discovered other Hidden Consumers in other areas. Amy has limited-mobility and struggles with in-person events and realized, many others do too. She has added ADA Consulting to help event planners and organizations how to create an inclusive environment for those with limited mobility, hearing-impairments, and visual-impairments.


ADA Consulting

Another group of Hidden Consumers are those with invisible and visible disabilities. We work with your planning teams for in-person events to understand how to see a venue through the eyes of someone with a disablity. This allows you to properly communicate any possible issues the attendees may have.

Our work focuses around mobility-limitations, hearing-impairment, and visual-impairments.

We work with multiple groups to ensure we have the latest information to make your event successful for all attendees.

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