Hidden In Plain Sight: Reading ingredient labels for improved health.

We offer two different presentations around the Hidden Consumer.

“Hidden In Plain Sight: reading labels for improved health” is geared towards consumers who want to learn more about food and how to read ingredient labels for hidden ingredients.

“Hidden in Plain Sight: Connecting with Elusive and Untapped Hidden Markets” is for those in the industry wanting to be more transparent while increasing their revenue.

Image for masterclass is female reading a label in a grocery store aisle. With a side image of stating "allergen information".

Hidden in Plain Sight: Reading labels for Improved Health covers how to read between the ingredient lines.

Reading ingredient labels can be tough. Everyone knows how the industry hides ingredients but where and how? The goal of this workshop is to give you actionable information that you can use during your next grocery shopping trip.

In this session we will cover:
1. What is really in Natural Flavors
2. Food Sensitivities from intolerances to allergies
3. The 100+ names of Sugar, Salt, and Sodium to look for.
4. Why Ingredient information is more important than calories.

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Connecting with Elusive and Untapped Hidden Markets

Presentation Description:

We cover how the Hidden Consumer is in plain sight and you already know them. There are 4 categories of hidden consumers looking to find food, beverages, cosmetics, skincare, and so much more. How do you reach people who need to know what’s in between the ingredient lines? Amy will walk you through what you need to know from: 1 Who is the Hidden Consumer? 2. What are they looking for? 3. Why do they become Brand Loyal customers faster? 4. What they need from you to trust you and feel safe with your products. 

Amy’s business has primarily focused on websites and how to bring in qualified traffic that wants to buy from her clients. She began to focus on the Hidden Consumer at the end of 2022 and how her company can help businesses’ make more money with less risk. 

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