Case Study: Food Industry

We were hired to create specific content around an app.

We also created a user focused flow starting with the homepage.

The data used for this case study is a comparison of 1st quarter 2023 to 1st quarter 2024.




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Key Metrics


The app was close to being ready for beta testing but not when we started. We had not website data to use to see how the orginial site was being used.


We created and connected a GA4 account for the client.

Website needed to refocus the message to attarct their ideal clients while guiding users through the site. We created new pages, reorganized the home page, and changed out wording on pages to reflect who the ideal client is.

Scope of Work

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  • Update Homepage for increased User Flow
  • Update Copy and Content to reflect what they do in the industry and expertise
  • Create new copy discussing the app
  • Create new pages based on app users to reflect their needs

The Results: Organic Traffic

METRIC1st QRT 20231st QRT 2024% Change
Organic Traffic14 users
14 Engaged Sessions
132 users
174 Engaged Sessions
843% user increase
1,143% engagement increase
Organic Engagement Time57 seconds51 seconds11% decrease
not uncommon with significant increase in traffic
Event Counts3.885.9153% increase
This table shows the organic traffic results one year apart.

The Results: By Page

TOP PAGES1st QRT 20231st QRT 2024% Change
Home161 views
96 users
742 users
1,357% increase in views
673% increase in users
Services60 views
24 users
126 users
455% increase in views
425% increase in users
Application Form28 views
13 users
92 users
718% increase in views
608% increase in users
About34 views
16 users
72 users
418% increase in views
350% increase in users
This table shows the organic traffic results one year apart.

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